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Ben Trowbridge

Benjamin Trowbridge has worked at The National Archives for several years and currently works in the Medieval Records Team. His specialist area of expertise and interest is in late medieval records relating to warfare and military personnel, especially for the Hundred Years War period (1337-1453).

Benjamin has written several blogs for The National Archives on archival records relating to subjects such as the campaign and battle of Agincourt and on 15th century soldiers such as Sir John Fastolf and SIr Hugh John. He has provided training to postgraduates on using archival record sources to research individual soldiers and warfare during the late medieval period. He is currently involved in cataloguing the registers of Privy Council of Charles I.

Benjamin has a BA degree in History and an MA (Res) in Medieval studies from the University of Reading.

History’s Unparalleled Alliance: the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Windsor, 9th May 1386

Two red seals are attached to the Treaty of Windsor by strips of parchment

Winston Churchill in a speech in the House of Commons in October 1943 famously described the unique and ancient friendship between England and Portugal as an alliance “without parallel in world history”.[1] It is 630 years since a treaty of …