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Dr Andrew Blick

Dr Andrew Blick is Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History, King's College London. His publications include, with George Jones, 'At Power's Elbow: aides to the Prime Minister from Robert Walpole to David Cameron; ‘People Who Live in the Dark’, a history of special advisers; ‘Premiership’, also with George Jones; and – with Peter Hennessy – ‘The Hidden Wiring Emerges’, an analysis of the UK Cabinet Manual. He is currently writing ‘Beyond Magna Carta: a constitution for the United Kingdom’.

9 December 1916: David Lloyd George introduces minuted Cabinet meetings and instigates the Cabinet Office

Sir Maurice Hankey is striding with a sense of purpose. He is wearing a bowler hat, smoking a pipe and carrying a walking stick.

A century ago today, David Lloyd George, the new Prime Minister, held the first meeting of his War Cabinet. In the process he introduced an innovatory practice, and instigated an important institution at the heart of British government. A hundred …

The Prime Ministers’ people: indispensable aides to three premiers

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Behind every Prime Minister there are other people, 'at Power’s Elbow', never achieving the same acclaim or notoriety, yet indispensable to the very public figure they support. The British premiership has always been a group effort. This point can be …