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Padej Kumlertsakul

Padej Kumlertsakul is an Adviser for Defence, Maritime and Environment at The National Archives since 2008. His research interests concern the use of the Chinese labourers and labour management in military operations during the First World War. His current research focuses on British and Japanese military cooperation at the siege of Qingdao.

The British Embassy Bangkok: a look back before moving on

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Photograph of the frontage of the British Embassy Bangkok, March 2019 (Kridtidej Sawangcharoen). There is a far spreading tree in the foreground and the Embassy building is very impressive.

The British Embassy in Bangkok is truly one of the most spectacular properties overseas. It is a symbol of soft power from the Colonial era in the midst of the modern day quest for economic development. This is a last look at the (soon to be) old British Embassy Bangkok.